Development Assessment

Development Assessment​ of Child

The process of evaluating a child’s performance by the child care doctor or any pediatrician with that of children of a similar age is known as developmental assessment.  

An attempt is made to evaluate many aspects of a child’s functioning during such a developmental evaluation of a child under the age of three, including areas like cognition, communication, behavior, and social interaction.

Monitoring a child’s development assessment involves keeping track of how they change and grow over time, as well as whether they reach the regular developmental stages for playing, learning, speaking, acting, and moving. 

It is possible for parents, grandparents, early childhood educators, and also the pediatrician and child care doctor to take part in the child’s developmental assessment.

Discuss your worries with a child specialist Indore or another child care doctor if you see that your child is not developing.

Importance of Development Assessment

Developmental assessments are typically conducted by parents, caretakers, or child care doctor when there is a concern that the kid may have a disease or developmental delay. When examining kids who may have developmental issues, it’s critical to include a developmental assessment because it can:

  • To identify potential developmental issues and the necessity for additional diagnostic testing.
  • Give a detailed account of the kid’s strengths and weaknesses.